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QuestBridge October 7, 2013 National College Match / Submitting Materials

Once you have submitted your rankings, your Match Agreement Form will appear in the upper right corner of your Application Management page, beneath your list of ranked schools. Please click on the link that says "Download Match Agreement PDF."

Note that if you opt out of the rankings and intend to apply to QuestBridge partner schools through Regular Decision only, you do not need to submit a Match Agreement Form and will not see this link.

QuestBridge August 28, 2013 National College Match / Submitting Materials

If you are participating in the College Match by ranking colleges, you should not also automatically submit the Common Application to all of the schools you rank. However, if you are selected as a Finalist, you will need to send additional materials to each of the schools you ranked, and some of our partner schools require the Common Application or a supplement as one of these required materials. If that is the case, you will need to submit the Common Application to the schools that require it by the College Match Requirements for Finalists deadline of November 1, 2015. For more information on additional materials required from Finalists for each partner college, please go to the individual college's College Match Requirements for Finalists.

Similarly, if you are participating in Questbridge Regular Decision, you may need to fill out the Common Application if you are applying to any of our partner colleges that require the Common Application in addition to the QuestBridge application. The Common Application as well as all additional materials are due by the individual college's Regular Decision deadline. For more information on the requirements for each partner college, please visit the Regular Decision Requirements.

Lisa Gordon January 29, 2013 National College Match / Early Application Policy

No. Please see the QuestBridge Early Application Policy for exceptions.