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Lisa Gordon January 29, 2013 National College Match / Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Most of the students who are selected as Finalists come from households earning less than $60,000 per year for a typical family of four that does not have significant assets. However, there are no absolute cut-offs. If a student comes from a household earning more than this amount but feels that he or she has faced economic hardship and fits the QuestBridge criteria of low-income and high-achieving students, we would encourage him or her to apply. There is room on the application to explain the family's situation.

Please visit the National College Match Selection Criteria for more information. You may also want to consult statistics on last year's College Match Finalists and College Match Scholarship Recipients.

QuestBridge August 1, 2013 National College Match / Recommendation Letters

First make sure that you entered your teacher’s or counselor’s e-mail address correctly in your application. To view the information you entered, click on your recommender's name on the Recommendations or Academic (for counselors) page of your application.

If the e-mail address is incorrect, please contact us directly at questions@questbridge.org or through the Ask a Question tab at the top of this page, and we can correct your recommender's information for you. You will not be able to edit the e-mail address yourself.

If the e-mail address you entered is correct, ask your teacher or counselor to try checking his or her junk or spam mail folder. If your recommender is still unable to find the notification e-mail, he or she should contact us directly at questions@questbridge.org and we will reply with the link to your recommendation form. Your recommender should include your full name and QuestBridge ID number in the message so that we can locate your application. Please note that the e-mail must be sent by your recommender from the e-mail address you entered in your application. We cannot provide applicants with links to their recommendation forms.

QuestBridge August 28, 2013 National College Match / Submitting Materials

If you are participating in the College Match by ranking colleges, you should not also automatically submit the Common Application to all of the schools you rank. However, if you are selected as a Finalist, you will need to send additional materials to each of the schools you ranked, and some of our partner schools require the Common Application or a supplement as one of these required materials. If that is the case, you will need to submit the Common Application to the schools that require it by the College Match Requirements for Finalists deadline of November 1, 2015. For more information on additional materials required from Finalists for each partner college, please go to the individual college's College Match Requirements for Finalists.

Similarly, if you are participating in Questbridge Regular Decision, you may need to fill out the Common Application if you are applying to any of our partner colleges that require the Common Application in addition to the QuestBridge application. The Common Application as well as all additional materials are due by the individual college's Regular Decision deadline. For more information on the requirements for each partner college, please visit the Regular Decision Requirements.

Lisa Gordon January 29, 2013 National College Match / Eligibility and Selection Criteria

QuestBridge seeks motivated students who challenge themselves by taking and excelling in their high school's most rigorous courses. We, as well as our partner colleges, look at many different factors when assessing a student's academics, including grades, class rank, high school courses taken, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, and other markers of talent and motivation.

Students interested in applying to our partner colleges through the College Match can also visit our partner colleges' websites for more specifics regarding their academic standards. To learn more, see QuestBridge's College Match Selection Criteria and our profile of last year's College Match Finalists.