COVID-19 Information for 2020 National College Match Applicants

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We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought some uncertainty to the college application process. We want to assure you that we will review students’ applications holistically with thoughtful awareness that the disruptions caused by the global health crisis are beyond their control. As such, we encourage students to submit their best possible application by the deadline on Tuesday, September 29, given the circumstances.

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions regarding this year’s National College Match application.

  • Q: I haven’t been able to take any standardized tests. Am I still eligible to apply to the National College Match? 

Yes, you are still eligible to apply. Test scores are not required to apply to the National College Match. Students who do not have standardized test scores can still be selected as Finalists if the rest of their application is strong.

  • Q: My standardized test dates have been cancelled and rescheduled. I will receive my test scores after the National College Match application deadline. Can I still send in my test scores after the application deadline?

Should QuestBridge select you as a Finalist, any test scores you receive after the National College Match application deadline should be sent directly to the schools you are applying to through QuestBridge. Refer to each school’s Application Requirements page for information about how to submit test scores.

  • Q: The schools I am interested in are test optional. Do I still have to submit my scores to QuestBridge?

We encourage students to enter any available test scores in the QuestBridge National College Match application. Students who do not have standardized test scores can still be selected as Finalists if the rest of their application is strong.

If you are applying to any college partners that are test optional, the school will give you the option to indicate whether or not you would like to have your test scores reviewed. Refer to our webpage for testing dates, fee waiver information, and more. 

  • Q: What if I am not able to submit a recommendation from an 11th grade core subject teacher due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Although we prefer recent teachers from core subjects, we will accept and review recommendations from other teachers or individuals. Applications that are missing recommendations and/or a School Report will be reviewed with more flexibility. However, students should ensure they meet any recommendation requirements for each college partner they are interested in ranking.

  • Q: Do I need to submit a transcript?

A transcript is a required application material since it helps us determine academic preparedness, and we do accept unofficial transcripts, such as PDFs, screenshots, or photos. The most up-to-date transcript available should be submitted. We will consider any available grades on the transcript as indicators of academic performance and potential, and students will not be penalized if junior or senior year letter grades are not available.

  • Q: How should I fill out the Activities section?

We understand that extracurricular activities, community service, family responsibilities, and jobs may look different now. Students should fill out this section to the best of their ability and can explain any significant changes.

  • Q: Where can I explain in my application how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected me personally?

There are additional information boxes throughout the various application sections (e.g., Household, Income and Assets, Academic) where you can provide additional context or details that you think we should know. There is also a general Additional Information section at the end of the application that you can use if you run out of room in the other boxes or have additional details to include that will help us get to know you better and understand any challenges or obstacles you have faced. As we know this has been a particularly challenging year, we have increased the word limit in the Additional Information section for this year's application.

In addition, there are new, optional questions in both the Recommendation and School Report forms that your teachers and counselor can use to describe any changes at your school that will be important for us to know when evaluating your application

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