My student isn’t ready to commit to a specific school yet. Is it still worth it for her/him to apply to QuestBridge?

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Yes! Students submit their applications in late September, but they do not submit their initial rankings until mid-October, and Finalists will have the opportunity to submit revised rankings by early November (though they will not be able to add additional schools). Students do not need to make a commitment immediately when they submit their application, and can take that extra time to research the colleges in greater depth. While we encourage all students to rank schools for College Match, as this is the only way to be eligible for the Match Scholarship and some other benefits (such as Quest for Excellence Awards), students may also opt out of the College Match rankings and instead apply only through QuestBridge Regular Decision if they choose. Students who are admitted to and enroll at a college partner though Regular Decision would still be QuestBridge Scholars and part of the QuestBridge Scholars Network. Note that students who plan to apply only through QuestBridge Regular Decision still must submit the National College Match application by the late September deadline.

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