What is the difference between a Finalist and a Match Scholarship Recipient?

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Finalist: A student who applied to the National College Match and was selected based on his/her academic achievements and financial need. Only Finalists may apply to college partners through the Match and be considered for the Match Scholarship. Finalists who rank colleges through the Match cannot also apply Early Decision/Action to other colleges (i.e. any early admissions program outside QuestBridge; see Early Application Policy). Finalists who are not admitted through the Match may apply to our college partners through Regular Decision, following the relevant procedure for each college. Finalists receive automatic application fee waivers for all QuestBridge college partners.

Match Scholarship Recipient: A Finalist who is admitted to a QuestBridge college partner through the Match and receives the Match Scholarship (a full scholarship with no parental contribution and no loans) is a Match Scholarship Recipient. Students are matched with the college highest on their ranking list that would like to admit them with the Match Scholarship. Students can only be matched with one college. If they are matched with a binding school, they must attend the college and are required to withdraw all applications to other colleges. Students matched with a non-binding school can apply Regular Decision to other colleges and make their admissions decisions in the spring.

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