I have an error on the Non-Custodial Parent Income and Assets page. What is wrong?

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If you see an error on the Review and Submit page of your application indicating that you are missing one or more required fields or income/asset questions on the Non-Custodial Parent Income and Assets page, here are a few things you can check:

  • Confirm that you have used the "Add Household Member" link in the Household Members section to add information about your non-custodial parent and anyone else in that household.
  • Confirm that every field includes a number. Enter the numeral "0" for any fields that do not apply to you. Do not leave any field blank.
  • Confirm that you answered all of the Yes/No questions in the Assets section. If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, make sure that you use the appropriate link ("Add property," "Add business," etc.) to provide the required information.
  • If you see red text in a field anywhere on this page, that indicates an error.
  • Make sure to use a minus sign rather than parentheses to indicate a negative number.

You can also watch our short QuestTips video for tips on completing the Non-Custodial Parent Income and Assets page.

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