I faxed my transcript or test score report but I don’t see it on my checklist. What should I do?

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We strongly recommend that you upload your materials. If you must fax your materials, please confirm that you used your unique Fax Cover Sheet, which is available through your application. You will see a link in the fax instructions on your Application Management page. Below is a screenshot of where to find these instructions.


The QR code in the upper right corner of the cover sheet will be used to process the faxed documents to your application. You should be sure that the cover sheet is printed clearly, as some printers may result in the code being lighter or blurrier, which could prevent your documents from being processed. Some fax machines may also obscure the code during transmission, in which case you may need to try again from a different fax machine.

Once you fax your document with your Fax Cover Sheet and it is received, you will be sent an e-mail confirming the transmission. You will then need to go to your Fax Inbox to categorize your page(s) and finalize the transaction. You can access your Fax Inbox from your Application Management page. Once you categorize your page(s), your materials will be added to your application and will appear on your checklist.

If you continue to have trouble faxing your materials, we strongly suggest that you upload your materials instead. Please see the Uploading Materials section for related FAQs.

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