What type of information should I include in the academic additional information section?

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You may use the Additional Information section on your Academic page for any information you would like us to know about your high school or other institutions, coursework, or academic performance.

The following are examples of potential explanations for low grades or academic achievement during specific periods of your educational record that would be important for us to know:

  • Your grades were poor during a given year because a parent passed away.
  • You were ill and in the hospital or had surgery, which caused your grades to decline during a specific point in your education.
  • You were homeless or had an otherwise unstable living situation.
  • You had to work long hours to help support your family.
  • You have a disability that impacts your education such that your grades don't reflect your potential.
  • You had severe family problems or were removed from your home and put into foster care.

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