My school doesn't use letter grades. How should I fill out the Coursework section?

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If your school has its own conversion system or uses a 100 point scale instead of using letter grades, you may use your school's conversion system.

Otherwise, you may also use this chart to convert your transcript to letter grades:

Grade Conversion Chart

Grade Points 100 Point Scale Letter Grade
4.0 93-100 A or A+
3.7 90-92 A-
3.3 87-89 B+
3.0 83-86 B
2.7 80-82 B-
2.3 77-79 C+
2.0 73-76 C
1.7 70-72 C-
1.3 67-69 D+
1.0 63-66 D

For more tips on filling out the Academic page of the application, please watch the short QuestTips video.

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