My school doesn't use letter grades. How should I fill out the Coursework section?

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If your school uses a 100-point scale instead of using letter grades and has its own conversion system, you may use your school's conversion system.

Otherwise, you may also use this chart to convert your transcript to letter grades:

Grade Conversion Chart

Grade Points 100-Point Scale Letter Grade
4.0 93-100 A or A+
3.7 90-92 A-
3.3 87-89 B+
3.0 83-86 B
2.7 80-82 B-
2.3 77-79 C+
2.0 73-76 C
1.7 70-72 C-
1.3 67-69 D+
1.0 63-66 D

For more tips on filling out the Academic page of the application, please watch our short QuestTips video.

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