How do I upload my materials?

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Please see below for information on how to upload various materials.


You can upload your transcript through the school information section on the Academic page of your application. When you click “Add Institution” or click the name of a school that you have already entered, a dialogue box will appear. At the bottom of that box is a place to upload your transcript. You can also preview, replace, or delete a transcript that you have already uploaded. Your transcript does not need to be official.

Test Score Reports (if taken) 

You can upload your test score report on the Testing and Honors page of your application. Below your list of tests you will see the "Submit Test Score Report" section, with an option to upload your document. You can also preview, replace, or delete the most recent test score report that you have uploaded. Please note that if you have more than one test score report to upload in separate documents, click on "Upload, preview, or delete additional test score reports" at the bottom of the "Submit Test Score Report" section. Your test score reports do not need to be official.

Test score reports can be either copies of the score reports you receive in the mail or printouts or screenshots from the testing organization website that show your name and scores.

Test scores are not required to apply, however we strongly encourage students who do have test scores to submit any scores available. Students who do not have standardized test scores can still be selected as College Prep Scholars if the rest of their application is strong.

School Profile

You can upload a School Profile from your Academic page. Scroll down to the "School Profile" section to upload your School Profile. You can also preview, replace, or delete a School Profile that you have uploaded. A School Profile is not required, but if your school has one, it should be submitted.

Additional Information

If you have additional materials to upload and you have already submitted your application, you will be able to upload them from your Application Management page.

Please make every effort possible to upload your materials electronically. However, if your materials cannot be uploaded, it is possible to fax them. Please see the instructions on your Application Management page. Faxing your materials should be a last resort.

For tips on uploading your materials, please watch our QuestTips video.

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