What documents do I need to fill out the Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) Income and Assets page?

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We recommend that you fill this section out together with your parent or legal guardian. Questions in the Household section reference your parents’ or legal guardians’ 2017 federal tax returns. If they have not yet filed their taxes, use their W-2 forms and other records of income (bank statements, investment reports, etc.) to answer the questions to the best of your ability. For your reference, here is a link to a blank 1040 income tax return for 2016. For untaxed income, please consult your parent or guardian for any available records.

If you live in two separate households or you have a biological parent who lives in a separate household (e.g., your parents are divorced), report the information for your primary household on the Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) Income and Assets page. Your primary household is where you spend more of your time. You will also be required to report information on your non-custodial parent on the Non-Custodial Parent Income and Assets page, except in cases where there has been no contact with that parent over a significant period of time. The non-custodial page will only appear if you have indicated that your parents do not live in the same household.

For more help completing this section, view our Income & Assets Guide.

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