What standardized tests are required to apply to the National College Match, and how do I submit my scores?

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To be selected to receive admission and a Match Scholarship through the National College Match, you need to submit the standardized test scores required by the QuestBridge college partners you are interested in attending. For information on the tests each college partner requires, please see our National College Match: Test Requirements page.

To submit your scores to QuestBridge, you should ask your high school counselor to upload your test score reports when he or she submits your transcript and School Report. You may submit either copies of the score reports you receive in the mail or reports from the testing organization website with your scores on it. Please do not send us your official score reports directly from the testing organization. If your counselor does not have access to your scores, you can also upload the score reports yourself, following the instructions in your application.

If you are selected as a Finalist, you will need to send official score reports directly from the College Board or ACT to most of the colleges that you ranked. Refer to each college partner's Application Requirements page for instructions regarding submission of test scores to colleges.

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