I will be receiving new standardized test scores after the National College Match deadline. What should I do?

QuestBridge -

QuestBridge will review any test scores that you receive prior to the National College Match application deadline of September 26. If you expect to receive new scores after September 26, please list your testing date(s) in the "Testing" section in the application. In order for your test scores to be considered by QuestBridge colleges for the Match, you must take any required test(s) no later than October. Any testing done after October will be considered only for Regular Decision.

If you are selected as a Finalist and you have new test scores you received after September 26, you should send those test scores directly to your ranked colleges from the College Board or ACT. You do not need to submit your new scores to QuestBridge. Refer to each college partner's Application Requirements page for instructions regarding submission of test scores to colleges.

Please note that if you do not have any SAT Reasoning or ACT scores available for the September 26 deadline (i.e., you are taking the SAT/ACT for the first time as a senior), you can still apply to QuestBridge, and it is still possible to be selected as a Finalist if the rest of your application is very strong.

Please visit the National College Match: Test Requirements page for more information.

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