How do I send my teacher recommendations, School Report, transcript, and standardized test score reports to QuestBridge, and when are they due?

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When you register your recommenders and counselor, they will receive an e-mail with a link to the recommendation form or School Report. Your teachers and counselor should follow the directions provided on the forms. To register your recommenders, go to the Recommendations page of your application and click on the "Add recommender" link. To register your counselor, go to the Academic page of your application, scroll down to the School Report section, and click on the "Add School Official" link. Note that you will have to first enter your high school through the "Add Institution" link at the top of the page before you can enter your counselor's information.

Transcripts and standardized test score reports should be uploaded to QuestBridge by a counselor through the School Report. You also have the option to upload these documents yourself through your application. Please follow the instructions in your application or your counselor's School Report form. Please note that we strongly prefer uploaded documents, but, if necessary, materials can also be faxed using the instructions on your Application Management page.

Although we prefer an official transcript, if your high school is NOT able to upload or fax official transcripts, we will accept an unofficial transcript. Test score reports can be either copies of the score reports you receive in the mail or printouts or screenshots from the testing organization website that show your name and scores.

Please do not mail these materials to QuestBridge. If you do, your materials will not be processed and your application will be incomplete.

All materials are due September 26, 2019.

For additional help, please see our FAQs on Uploading Materials.


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