My recommender is having technical problems submitting my recommendation. What should I do?

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If your teacher or counselor is experiencing technical difficulties either uploading materials (such as letter of recommendation, transcript, test scores, or School Profile) or submitting the recommendation form itself, ask him or her to first try using a different web browser (i.e., Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer). The issue also may be that the school computer or network has disabled javascript or pop-ups, which would prevent materials from uploading and the form from submitting or saving. The best solution is to try a computer at a different location, such as at home. If your recommender continues to experience problems, please ask him or her to contact us directly as soon as possible so that we may assist.

Due to a high volume of applications, we may not be able to resolve all issues in the final days leading up to the deadline, so we encourage recommenders to troubleshoot any problems earlier if possible. Please note that for transcripts, test score reports, and School Profile, you can also upload these items yourself through your application if your counselor is unable to do so through the School Report.

Remember, you should still submit your application even if your recommender is having problems submitting the recommendation. You do not need to wait for your recommendation to be submitted before submitting your application.

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