My teacher or counselor didn’t get the link for my recommendation. What should I do?

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First make sure that you entered your teacher’s or counselor’s e-mail address correctly in your application. To view the information you entered, click on your recommender's name on the Recommendations or Academic (for counselors) page of your application.

If the e-mail address is incorrect, please follow the directions in this FAQ: How can I change my recommender's email address?

If the e-mail address you entered is correct, ask your teacher or counselor to try checking their junk or spam mail folder. If your recommender is still unable to find the notification e-mail, they should contact us directly at, and we will reply with the link to your recommendation form. Your recommender should include your full name and QuestBridge ID number in the message so that we can locate your application. Please note that the e-mail must be sent by your recommender from the e-mail address you entered in your application. We cannot provide applicants with links to their recommendation forms.

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