Who should write my recommendation letters and how many do I need to submit?

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The QuestBridge National College Match application requires two recommendations and one School Report.

For your two recommendations, one recommendation should be from a recent high school teacher who taught you in a core academic subject (such as math, science, history/social studies, English, or foreign language), preferably during your junior year.

The second recommendation can from be a teacher or anyone else outside your household or immediate family who knows you well and can speak to who you are as a person. There are no set guidelines on who you can ask, but as mentioned above, you should ask someone who knows you well. We also strongly prefer that it is written by someone outside of your immediate household or family, such as another teacher, or a mentor, supervisor, coach, or anyone else you feel would write you a strong recommendation.

Your School Report should be completed by your current high school counselor or school official.

You can use the Recommendations section in our Student Resource Center for more tips and suggestions for choosing your recommenders.

Please note: We are not able to accept recommendations that are not written in English. 

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