What happens if I am not matched with any of the colleges that I ranked?

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That's okay! If you are a Finalist who did not match, some of the the schools you ranked may still be interested in you. Many students who do not match are accepted to our college partners with generous financial aid through QuestBridge Regular Decision or other admission rounds. Some college partners will consider students who ranked them but did not match for Early Decision or Early Action.

You will be able to review potential early admission opportunities and next steps from the schools you ranked. Options and next steps will vary by school, and you can view examples of the options that may be available through the links on the Options Following the Match page. If the school will consider your application in an early review cycle, instructions on how to apply will also be included.

You can also still apply to the schools you ranked as well as additional college partners through QuestBridge Regular Decision. To do so, you should select which QuestBridge college partners you intend to apply to with the Regular Decision Form, available from your Application Management page through December 12. In addition, you will need to take further steps to have your application considered for Regular Decision by our college partners; please see the Regular Decision Requirements for specifics. The colleges will then consider you for admission and financial aid.

You should also continue with the regular admissions process for colleges other than QuestBridge college partners, since all of our schools are highly selective.

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