Is there a fee to apply to QuestBridge? Are there any other costs associated with the National College Match Program?

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Applying to the National College Match, like all of QuestBridge's student services, is completely free of charge. If you are selected as a Finalist, our college partners will also automatically waive their application fees.

If you are selected as a Finalist for the National College Match program, you will need to file a financial aid form called the CSS Profile. This form is administered by the College Board and is required for students applying for scholarships and financial aid to private colleges, whether they apply through QuestBridge or through the normal admission process. This form costs $25 to file and send to one college, plus $16 to send to each additional college you select. Please be aware that this fee is paid to the College Board, not to QuestBridge, and is a fee you will have to pay no matter how you apply to the same colleges, even if you do not apply to the National College Match. Fee waivers are available from College Board for students from low-income households, and are determined automatically based on the information you enter in the form.

You also may need to send official test score reports from the College Board and ACT to the colleges to which you are applying, which will also involve costs. You can find more information about sending official test score reports on the College Board and ACT websites. These are also costs that you would face even if you apply to these colleges on your own. You should take advantage of the four institutions you can select for free when you register for the tests. If you are unable to submit official test scores to all of the colleges that require them due to financial difficulties, please contact the college admissions offices directly and ask if they will accept self-reported test scores or test scores sent by your school.

Please also note that not all of our college partners require official test scores. You can go to each college's Application Requirements page and review the Match Required Application Materials for more details.

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