What are the benefits of applying to QuestBridge if I am not interested in participating in the College Match?

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For QuestBridge applicants who are selected as Finalists and who are not interested in participating in the College Match, QuestBridge also offers the option to apply to our college partners through QuestBridge Regular Decision. Our application is tailored to high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds and aids these students in presenting a full picture of their intellectual promise and personal qualities in light of the obstacles they have overcome.

Using the QuestBridge application also enables Finalists to ensure that their socioeconomic status is understood by admissions officers at QuestBridge college partners, who are actively seeking to increase the number of outstanding low-income students on their campuses.

Many of our college partners accept the QuestBridge application in lieu of their own application for Regular Decision admission. Those that do not will use the QuestBridge application as a supplement. All of our college partners will waive their application fees for QuestBridge Finalists. Last year, more than 2,000 QuestBridge Finalists gained admission and generous financial aid to our college partners through the QuestBridge Regular Decision, which made attending that college affordable for these students.

In addition, students who apply to QuestBridge without participating in the College Match process will have the opportunity to join the national QuestBridge Scholars Network if they are selected as Finalists and are admitted to a QuestBridge college partner through Regular Decision.

For more information about applying through Regular Decision, please visit our Opportunities through the National College Match page.

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