How is applying to the National College Match different from applying Early Decision to a QuestBridge college partner?

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QuestBridge allows students to apply early to several different colleges simultaneously and for free. You complete one application, and if you are selected as a Finalist your information will be forwarded to all of the QuestBridge college partners that you ranked (up to 12). Your QuestBridge application will present your achievements in light of the obstacles you have overcome, as our application questions and essays are tailored to high-achieving, low-income students.

If you gain admission through the Match, you will receive the full four-year Match Scholarship from your matched college.

If you become a Finalist but do not gain admission through the Match, some of the college partners you rank may still consider you for Early Action or Early Decision after the Match. Learn more about the options available by reviewing each college partner's Options following the Match section.


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