How do you get parents involved and excited about QuestBridge?

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Answers from the QuestBridge Educator Advisory Committee:

  • Parent Advisory meetings, open houses, parent teacher conferences.
  • Present the information at Academic Planning Evenings, Parent Conferences, College Night Programs, and Open House; Send emails with the information; Post it on websites; Invite parents to come in to talk about college planning, including QuestBridge.

  • Letting them know the benefits of being involved with the program: that top colleges and universities that offer top notch education, they can receive support from the QuestBridge Scholar Network, they can receive great financial packages.

  • Simply getting them involved in the process. When you are meeting with the student make sure the parent is present as well. QuestBridge allows for amazing opportunities and if the parent is also engaged in the process the student will feel more supported and the parent can learn the benefits of the program through the process.

  • Ask for time at a parent night, PTA meeting, or just a blurb or section on the school webpage. Anything with the word "scholarship" in it is sure to get the attention of a large group of parents!

  • When I nominate a deserving and qualified student, I also request a brief meeting with the parent and student, usually at Parent Conference night or Open House. I also discuss QuestBridge with qualified juniors and their parents during their individual College meeting held the 2nd semester of junior year.
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