How do I promote the QuestBridge platform to not only juniors and seniors, but all students?

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Answers from the QuestBridge Educator Advisory Committee:

  • I asked my Principal to allow me to teach AP World History, which exposes the highest performing sophomores, to casually learn about QuestBridge.
  • Information about programs and platforms like QuestBridge can easily be incorporated into High School 101 curriculum where you can begin exposing 9th grade students to what programs are offered and allow them begin the goal setting process so that one day they may become a QuestBridge Scholar. If you have had any Quest Scholars come through your school -- recognize them....let the school know of the student's accomplishment and encourage others to follow in a similar path.

  • Talk to teachers of ninth and tenth-grade students, asking them to keep their eyes open for potential applicants. It gets them invested in the process and makes them more enthusiastic about telling students.

  • I give students sample transcripts (personal info blocked out of course) of students from our school have have been admitted and matriculated to various schools during the past 3 years. I also discuss the merit based awards for high achieving students based upon rigor of curriculum, GPA and test scores. This would be the opportunity to highlight QuestBridge.
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    Barry Carrus

    I talk up the QuestBridge opportunities whenever and wherever I can. In fact, I had a discussion with a medical caregiver who is involved with my mother's care and our conversation drifted to him and his children, one of whom is a sophomore in high school...and not my high school. After a short time he became extremely fired up about the possibilities that QB might hold for his son. In fact, my principal has me teaching an AP World History class just so that I can be involved with high performing sophomores. It's working.

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