How can I better spread the word about QuestBridge to my entire school/school system/district?

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Answers from the QuestBridge Educator Advisory Committee:

  • I have a QuestBridge link on our high school homepage and I address the faculty twice a year. In order to spread the word to the community, I meet with our school's Parent Advisory Committee.
  • A few ideas: Send an announcement with the brochure attached and the link embedded; Talk about it at staff meetings, professional development workshops/conferences, and in the lunchroom; Post it on the school, district, and or your own website; Visit Advisory, AVID, English and/or History classes to spread the word to students.

  • Get involved with state educator/counseling associations....this is a great way to network and spread information about programs such as QuestBridge. See if a county/district wide email list serve is available to utilize the distribution of information. Set a link to the program on your school website so that parent and students my access the information at any time.

  • This is easier than it may seem--news of QuestBridge spreads like wildfire from parent to parent, especially once you have one student become a Quest Scholar. Ask your principal is you can have five minutes at a faculty meeting or parent night to explain the program--you'll probably end up with lots of inquires and student names from interested parents and teachers.

  • For years, we introduced our students to QuestBridge as sophomores. We use our Guidance Counselors, House Coordinators, Teachers, PTA, Parent Coordinator, Naviance, electronic board, college office bulletin board, PA system and the students' yearly calendar.
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