Why wouldn't it be better for my student to apply directly to one of the college partners – aren't they all very generous with financial aid anyway?

QuestBridge -

All of our college partners are dedicated to meeting 100% of a student’s demonstrated financial aid, which means that a qualified student could receive excellent financial aid – perhaps equivalent to a College Match Scholarship – even if they do not apply through QuestBridge. Advantages of applying through QuestBridge include the application’s specific focus on high-achieving, low-income students, two opportunities for admission (Match and Regular Decision), free application (and application fees are waived for finalists), application guidance and support from QuestBridge, the QuestBridge Scholars Network, and Quest for Excellence Awards.

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    Barry Carrus

    I explain it to my students this way: "In addition to the obvious advantages of applying to the partner schools through QuestBridge, there are more subtle ones as well. When applying through QB the admissions dept. tends to recognize the quality of QB applicants and segregate them into a specific "pile" of applications; the QuestBridge pile, if you will. When a student applies on their own whether for early or regular decision they are also placed in a pile of applications. I then ask my students which "pile" they think gets looked at first and with more favor? The answer is obvious. In fact, when my one of my students was planning his trip to last summer's College Prep conference, he wanted to visit Notre Dame as well. When he called to make his appointment with admissions I told him not to mention that he was a QuestBridge scholar until later in the conversation, in order to demonstrate my point. After the conversation I asked him about the reaction and he said that although very pleasant and helpful before mentioning QuestBridge, after he mentioned that he was visiting prior to attending the College Prep conference, he said that there was an obvious increase in interest from the admissions rep which carried through his eventual visit.  

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