Is a QuestBridge College Prep Scholar looked at any differently when applying for the National College Match Program?

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These programs are independent of one another and a student does not have to apply to the College Prep Scholars Program in order to apply to the National College Match. However, the College Prep Scholars Program is a great way for students to prepare for the college admissions process. If a student is selected as a College Prep Scholar, it is an indication that that student is a qualified applicant for the College Match, but does not serve as a guarantee that the student will be selected as a Finalist or as a College Match Scholarship Recipient.

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    Barry Carrus

    Although there are no guarantees when it comes to College Prep scholars applying to the National College Match, I can attest to the fact that if a student is selected for a College Prep Scholarship and attends one of the QuestBridge conferences, they return with a much richer and broader understanding of what is expected of them. The conference allows students to experience the "process" first hand and also learn from Student Ambassadors, who attend the conferences, to help guide potential applicants with sagely advice. 

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