When would you recommend a QuestBridge applicant to have their standardized tests completed by?

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Ideally, students interested in or a good candidate for the College Match should take tests for the first time as a junior in April, May, or June, and then retake (optional, but generally encouraged) in September or October. They should also plan ahead for Sat Subject Tests, since the SAT and Subject Tests cannot be taken on the same date. Students should review the Required Standardized Tests for each school they apply to. QuestBridge will accept any test scores received before the College Match application deadline. All scores received after that must be sent directly to the colleges, and it is recommended that students contact the colleges to find out if the late scores will be accepted. Historically, tests taken in October are acceptable, but score reports from November and December are often too late and would only be considered for Regular Decision.

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    Richard Tench

    Students that are interested in applying through QuestBridge should have standardized testing completed by the end of the junior year if at all possible. Since the QuestBridge platform kicks off at the beginning of the school year there is not much time for the student to get too many standardized tests completed by the early deadline. By waiting until the fall, students would more than likely add additional stress to an already stressful situation. 

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