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    Richard Tench

    Resilient and motivated...

    Last year I was fortunate to have one of my student's match during the college match process and he worked diligently for that honor. This young man had a solid academic record, as do most that apply through QuestBridge, but this young man showed something special. He was growing up living with his uncle because of family problems and was the first in his family that even showed an interest in attending college. During his senior year he experienced a catastrophic house fire where he lost everything; however, his commitment to school, grades, and attending college did not waiver. He chose not to allow this event to shape his life; rather, he allowed this event to further motivate him to succeed. He not only stood out in the classroom but also lead his peers on the football field and in student government. Overall, he was a very well-rounded, intelligent young man that truly had the passion and motivation to attend college and let nothing stop him. 

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    Shelly Gorman

    I have two finalists this year.  Both are incredibly motivated to go to college, and will be the first in their families to do so.  They have taken multiple AP classes and achieved high GPA's.  They are also active contributors/leaders in the classroom, and to the extent possible, active in our school community outside the classroom.  They have overcome significant obstacles related to their family and/or home environment, as well as having major responsibilities at home and/or in their ethnic or religious community.  Neither ever complain about life being hard; they simply work extraordinarily hard, often for long hours, with the hope of going to college and making a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.  

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    Max Jones

    One thing all of our finalists seem to share is a sense of determination--of perseverance regardless of family, cultural, or financial obstacles that may be in their way.

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