What is a Character Recommendation and who should I ask to submit one for my application?

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While an Academic Recommendation from a teacher will tell us about you in a classroom setting, a Character Recommendation provides application readers a picture of the different attributes and traits that define you as a person. Think of the Character Recommendation as a personal recommendation of the different characteristics or traits that make you unique rather than primarily your academic accomplishments.

Who should I ask to submit my Character Recommendation?

You should ask someone who knows you well. The strongest Character Recommendations come from people who can speak meaningfully to who you are as a person. There are no set guidelines on who you can ask, but we strongly prefer that your Character Recommendation is written by someone outside of your immediate household, such as a mentor, supervisor, coach, or anyone else you feel would write you a strong recommendation. As long as the person you ask can speak to your personal characteristics, you can ask them to submit a recommendation on your behalf.

For step-by-step instructions as well as other tips on Recommendations, please also watch the QuestTips video below:

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